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Design of Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor can use the right screw or the left screw, which is determined by how to form the screw blade. Faced with helical blade, if the edge of helical blade inclines along the right arm, it is right helix; while inclined along the left arm, it is left helix.

Standard pitch single head screw - conveyor screw pitch equal to the diameter of the screw, known as the standard pitch. This kind of screw has extensive adaptability to materials and is often used.

Short pitch single-screw pitch reduced to 2/3 diameter is called short pitch. It is recommended for inclined conveyors with an inclination of more than 20 degrees, even for vertical use. It can also be used in screw feeder. Shorter pitch prevents self-flow of fluidized material.

Standard pitch twin screw - can make the material smooth transportation and regular flow, for a certain type of material can ensure uniform transportation.

Short pitch twin helix - This helix can make the material flow smoothly and regularly.

Long pitch single-ended screw - usually used to agitate fluidized materials or to quickly transport materials with excellent fluidity.

Standard pitch single-head conical helix - the diameter of the helical blade gradually increases from 2/3 to the full diameter, which is called conical helix. It is used for screw feeder to discharge lump material evenly from silo. Compared with variable pitch helix, it has the same effect but is more economical.

Standard pitch double-head conical helix - This type of helix is used for feeding materials with easy self-flow, materials are discharged uniformly from the silo along the full length of the outlet.

Multi-head ribbon helix - This type of helix consists of two or more ribbon helical blades with different diameters. The ribbon helical blades are left helix and right helix. One blade is sleeved in the other and connected to the same tube or shaft through a rigid hanging ear. One ribbon blade makes the material move forward, and the other ribbon blade makes the material move backward, so that the material can be mixed absolutely and adequately.

Variable pitch single-head screw - This spiral with increasing pitch is used in screw feeder, which can discharge powder and flowable material evenly along the full length of the inlet.

Standard pitch single-ended ribbon helix - this type of helix is generally used to transport viscous, viscous or viscous materials. Because these materials are easy to adhere to the solid helical blades and axes, and there is space between the strip blades and axes, the use of such strip blades can avoid material adherence and accumulation.

Standard pitch single-ended propeller with blades - this kind of propeller is a combination of solid propeller and blade. The blade direction is opposite to the material flow direction, and the material can be fully and moderately mixed in moving and controlling the material flow.

Standard pitch sawtooth edge single-head helix - cutting regular sawtooth at equal distances on the outer edge of the helix, so that the material can be properly agitated in movement. Generally used for conveying materials that are easy to cake.

Standard pitch zigzag angle single-head helix - cutting zigzag teeth on the outer edge of the helix and bending, so that the moving material can be turned over and sprinkled, so that the material can be fully mixed. This is very beneficial for heating, cooling or air-drying of light materials.

Sawtooth helix with blades - This form of helix enables material to be highly mixed and loosened during transportation.

Propeller blade propeller - The propeller blade propeller with adjustable angle can make the material mix completely and control the flow of the material.

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