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Correct Operation And Maintenance Of Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor is a conveying equipment used for conveying powder, granular and small pieces of material. All kinds of bearings work in the dust. Therefore, the rational operation and maintenance of the screw conveyor under such working conditions have greater significance. The main requirements for the operation and maintenance of the screw conveyor are as follows:

1. The screw conveyor should start without load, that is to say, when there is no material in the shell, the screw conveyor feeds after starting. Before and after driving, always check whether the gear reducer drives smoothly. If there is any abnormality, stop immediately and try to eliminate it. Check the condition of the spiral cover plate and whether there is any sediment or other sundries in the spiral, and prohibit driving in the case of spiral blockage.

2. When the screw conveyor initial feeding, it should gradually increase the feeding speed until it reaches the rated conveying capacity, and the feeding should be uniform, otherwise it will easily cause the accumulation of conveying materials, overload of the driving device, and early damage of the whole machine.

3. In order to ensure the requirement of no-load starting of screw machine, the conveyor should stop feeding before stopping, and stop running after the material in the chassis is completely transported.

4. The conveyed materials should not be mixed with hard bulk materials to avoid screw jamming and screw machine damage.

5. Check the working state of each part of the screw machine frequently in use, pay attention to whether the fasteners are loose. If the fasteners are found loose, the screw should be tightened immediately to make it re-tightened.

6. Special attention should be paid to whether the screw between the screw shafts is loose, fallen off or cut off. If such a phenomenon is found, it should be stopped immediately and corrected. If the blade is worn out, it should be more spiral blade. If abnormal noise is found when working, high temperature, please stop to check.

7. The cover of the screw conveyor should not be removed when the machine is running. During the working period of the screw conveyor, it is forbidden for all personnel to cross the equipment, to open the cover, and to allow the human body or other debris to enter the inside of the equipment. It is strictly forbidden to carry out maintenance and repair work under the condition of equipment operation. When equipment is being repaired, it is necessary to strictly implement the provisions of locking and listing power outage and carry out two-way verification so as to avoid accidents. Screw conveyor is widely used in grain, food and oil processing enterprises, and there are many safety accidents, which should be paid great attention by the staff of oil processing plants.

8. Regularly refueling the reducer; regularly refueling the bearings and doing well in daily maintenance

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