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Attention to Selection of Screw Transporter

Spiral conveyor is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, grain, medicine and other industries. Generally, the main parameters of the conveyor are determined according to the requirements of the material handling system, the loading and unloading location of the material, the relevant production process and the characteristics of the material. The selection of screw conveyor should pay attention to the following points, so as not to cause idle conveyor equipment due to improper selection in the future use process:

Conveying capacity (output): The conveying capacity of screw conveyor refers to the amount of material conveyed per unit time. When conveying bulk materials, it is calculated by the mass or volume of the materials conveyed per hour; when conveying finished goods, it is calculated by the number of pieces conveyed per hour. Because of the different material characteristics such as specific gravity, viscosity and humidity, the conveying capacity is different under the same conditions. Therefore, when choosing screw conveyor, first of all, we should know some information about the material. In addition, when matching with the vibrating screen equipment, the feed quantity of the vibrating screen should be calculated to control the conveying quantity of the screw conveyor. Most conveyors need to consider whether they can be used in conjunction with other production equipment before they are designed and manufactured in order to design the type of conveyor reasonably.

Selection of conveying distance and speed. The screw conveyor to be selected is also different when the conveying distance is required. For example, the tubular screw feeder generally does not exceed 6 meters, while the grooved screw conveyor can be as far as tens of meters. Some related parts of the conveyor are designed according to the conveying distance. And according to the characteristics of the material and the distance of transportation, choose the appropriate motor. Component size: The component size of screw conveyor includes the diameter of pipeline (pipe screw conveyor) or the width and depth of groove body, the size of screw page on spindle, the size of page angle, etc. The dimensions of these components directly affect the conveying capacity of the screw conveyor. Whether or not the hopper is added to the feed port, and the size of the hopper.

Conveying length and inclination: The screw conveyor can be designed to be vertical, horizontal and inclined according to the user's requirements. The length and inclination of the conveying line directly affect the total resistance and the required power of the screw conveyor. Therefore, these operating conditions should be explained in the selection of the screw conveyor.

The motor of screw conveyor can choose adjustable speed motor and ordinary motor to control conveying speed and hourly conveying volume.

Correct operation and maintenance of screw conveyor is the necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of conveyor and prolong its service life. If improper use, the conveyor equipment will be damaged lightly, and it will not be able to be used normally, which will cause accidents seriously.

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