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What Are The Classifications And Differences Of Bucket Elevators

There are roughly three kinds of traction components of bucket elevator: ring chain, plate chain and tape. So what are the differences between ring chains, plate chains and tapes? This article will briefly introduce its differences to you:

1. Ring chain type

The manufacture of ring chain structure is relatively simple, and the connection between hoppers is relatively strong, so the wear of chain will be relatively small when conveying some more polished materials.

2. Plate chain type

The plate-chain bucket elevator has light weight and strong structure. It is suitable for materials with large lifting capacity, but the articulated joints are easy to be worn out.

3. Belt type

The structure of the tape is simple, but it is not suitable for conveying materials with great polish. The temperature of converging tape material is not more than 60 C. The temperature of steel rope tape is 80 C. The temperature of heat-resistant tape is 120 C. The temperature of ring chain and plate chain is 250 C.

Belt bucket elevator and ring chain bucket elevator are commonly used in daily industrial activities. The requirements for hoists vary with the materials conveyed. For example, deep hoppers are needed for bulk cement conveying. 1.5T powder granular material per cubic metre needs to use centrifugal discharge or mixed discharge TD belt bucket hoist.

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