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Graphite Powder without Harmful Substances - Application Ultrasonic Sieving Machine

Mesh Capacity: 200 - 300 mesh

Materials: Graphite Powder

Industry: Stationery

Machine: Ultrasonic Sieving Machine

Graphite Powder without Harmful Substances - Application Ultrasonic Sieving Machine

What is the sieving purpose?

Removal impurities and filtrating inferior graphite powders that do not conform to specifications.

Combining User Requirements

After the investigation of the stationery processing plant, it was found that there are thousands of stationery types produced by the factory. This time, the material to be screened is graphite powder, which can be used as the core of pencil. The market demand is very large, so it was decided to use ultrasonic vibration screen after research. Ultrasound vibrating screen can effectively solve the problems of screening due to agglomeration, static electricity, strong adsorptive clogging and so on. It is very suitable for screening graphite powder.

Points for Attention in Recommendation Scheme

Number of filters

Feed pipe diameter

Filter volume

Site requirements

They are all important considerations for recommending solutions for users. But they are only part of the final recommendation.

Customer Feedback

“I really like this equipment. Perfectly achieved my desired results. And solve the problem of blocking the network all the time before. I'll buy it again.”

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