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What are the main functions of the vibrating screen?

Vibrating screens are used in the industrial, food, and medical industries. What are the main functions of vibrating screens? Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you briefly the main functions of the vibrating screen are as follows:

The main role of the vibrating screen

With the further development of China's economic construction and scientific research, new-purpose vibrating screens will continue to emerge, and their use in various sectors will increase and will play an increasingly important role.

1. In engineering applications

In the past 30 years, Professor Wen Bangyu has applied the theoretical results and application results obtained to the engineering practice. For example, large-scale exciter deflection self-synchronizing vibrating screen, inertial resonance probabilistic screen, new structure vibrating crusher, new structure vibrating cooler, etc., and successfully applied to the industrial sector, have achieved significant economic and social benefits. He has won more than 10 national invention awards, national scientific and technological progress awards and provincial and ministerial awards.

2. Innovation in design theory and method

The theory and method of mechanical dynamic design of vibrating screen are presented, especially the dynamic design theory and method of nonlinear vibrating screen machinery, and the comprehensive design method based on dynamic optimization, intelligent optimization and visual optimization. The design of such products, especially the research and development of new products, provides the theoretical reference and basis for the plant.

3. Innovation in nonlinear dynamics theory

Summarize Professor Wen Bangyu's long-term systematic research and experiments on the theory of vibration and wave utilization technology and equipment work, and use multiple branches of engineering for vibrating screens (such as the application of vibration synchronization and control synchronization theory, nonlinear vibration The theoretical basis is created by the use and utilization of wave energy.

Principle of vibrating screen work

The vibrating screen works by reciprocating rotary vibration generated by vibrator excitation. The upper rotating weight of the vibrator causes a plane to oscillate the surface of the screen, while the lower rotating weight causes the screen surface to produce a cone-shaped rotating vibration. The combined effect of the vibrating effect causes a complex-rotating vibration of the screen surface.


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