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How to choose the vibro sifter model?

vibro sifter is a common screening equipment in the powder industry. It has high screening precision and low price. It is widely favored by users. Xinxiang is a famous “hometown of vibro sifter” users who purchase the vibro sifter and will purchase in Xinxiang. , then how to choose the type of vibro sifter? Dahan vibration machinery manufacturers will introduce you.

How to choose the type of vibro sifter?

The type of vibro sifter should be selected according to the four factors of production demand, mesh size, screening purpose and material characteristics.

1.Production demand determines the model

Small-volume users choose a small type of vibro sifter, such as: 400mm,600mm, etc., the general output can choose medium model such as: 800mm, 1000mm,1200mm, etc., large-volume users choose large model vibro sifter Such as: 1500mm, 1800mm,2000mm and so on. The specific model parameters are shown in the following table:

vibro sifter model parameters:

2.Mesh size determines the model

The mesh number of the vibro sifter is also an important factor in determining the type of vibro sifter. Generally speaking, the finer the material you want to screen, the smaller the mesh size you choose, and the smaller the mesh will represent the corresponding output. Reduced, so you have to choose a large model of vibro sifter, such as: DH-1000, DH-1500, DH-1800, DH-2000.

3.Screening purpose determines the model

The main purpose of screening is to judge whether you should choose single or multi-layer vibro sifter. You can choose a single-layer vibro sifter by simple filtering or cleaning. If your screening purpose is material size classification, you will Two or more layers of vibro sifters need to be selected.

4.Material characteristics determines the model

For example, the flowability of the powdery material below 500 mesh is not too large. The small type of vibro sifter can be selected. For liquid materials, the material with high moisture content and viscosity can choose the large type of vibrating. screen.

In summary, no matter the production demand, material characteristics, mesh size and screening purpose, the vibro sifter can meet the customer's screening needs. Dahan vibrating machinery vibro sifter factory direct sales, various types of models, but also according to users Customized requirements, welcome new and old customers to come to consult at any time

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